The Office of Science and Technology (OST) is a functional division of the university, mandated to organize, manage and provide support to scientific researchers. It is also responsible for construction and management of laboratory systems, as well as to provide services to talent cultivation, scientific innovation and the transformation of the scientific achievements.
Research Projects
The research projects managed by OST include so called 'vertical projects' and 'horizontal projects'. The vertical projects include the projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation and other science and technology plans at national and ministerial levels. The horizontal projects include various projects in cooperation with the enterprises.
Academic Awards

OST is in charge of organizing and managing the application of scientific research awards at national, provincial, ministerial and other levels. The awards mainly include the National Scientific and Technological Awards, the Awards for Outstanding Outcomes (Science and Technology) in Universities and Colleges, and other awards given by Beijing Municipal Government.

Achievement Management
The OST is responsible for accreditation and registration of the research outcomes from the science departments of the university, as well as the submission and management of intellectual property rights, such as the copyrights of computer software, etc.
Beijing Normal University has now owned 22 academicians of both Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. There are now 47 scholars obtaining supports from the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and 28 researchers undertaking projects funded by the Excellent Young Scientists Fund under the National Natural Science Foundation. There are also 6 research groups awarded the title of National Creative Research Groups, and other 8 groups awarded the title of Creative Research Groups at ministerial level by the Ministry of Education.
Research Bases
The University has now constructed 38 laboratories or engineering centers or scientific and technological cooperation base at national and municipal levels, including 4 National Key Labs, 1 National Engineering Laboratory,7 Key Labs of Ministry of Education (MOE), 1 laboratory jointly supported by MOE and the China Mobile, 5 MOE Engineering Research Centers, 12 Key Labs of Beijing, 4 Engineering Centers of Beijing and others.

Managing science and technology statistics is an important work of OST. OST is responsible for providing data on request of authorities, and meanwhile, ensures the quality of the data. Related data are as follow:

       1.Science and technology statistics of colleges and universities in Beijing
2.Statistics of projects under National science and technology plans including '973', '863',National key research and development program of China and other national-level programs
3.Investigation on conditions of national key science and technology research bases 
4.Statistics of International cooperation project
5.Innovation survey of colleges and universities